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We connect with our clients through our shared passion for wine and spirits.

About us

Passion. If we had to choose one word to define us, this would be it.

We are passionate about what we do and doing it well. Our experienced team of professionals are tireless in keeping their expertise up-to-date so that they can share their knowledge of the finest wines and spirits with our clients. They’re on hand to offer tailored solutions and advise our clients on the best products for their establishment.

We are passionate about representing a wide range of wineries and brands, from the many wine enclaves of Spain to the most important wine-producing regions in the world: Family wineries, many of which have existed for generations, centuries even, that value tradition and sustainability as much as we do. Young or new winemakers who combine passion and innovation. Brands that exemplify excellence.

At Excelsia Vinos y Destilados, we know how inspiring passion can be. This is why we share our passion with our clients, so that they can go on to inspire their friends and customers too.

Because only a life lived with passion is a full life.

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