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Chile brings us Pisco El Gobernador, the Andean grape spirit par excellence. Memories of an ancestral past.

Pisco El Gobernador is a tribute to Felipe Margutt Donaire, a decorated patriot and governor of the Ovalle region. He is remembered for putting everything he owned, which wasn't much, towards the well-being of his people after Chile's war for independence.

The pisco's originality lies in the grape varieties of the base wines—Muscat of Alexandria and Muscat Rose—which are distilled in copper pot stills. They are the most aromatic of all grapes, harvested in Ovalle's Limarí Valley.  Along with the region's calcareous soils, the varieties give the pisco its unusual freshness and aromatic exuberance, full of seductive notes of rose, jasmine and candied citrus.  An exquisite, fascinating drink.