Varieties: Cariñena and Garnacha
Aging: 18 months in fine-grained new French oak.
Vine age: Average of 80–100 years old.

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Vineyards of origin: Vineyards in El Lloar, Bellmunt, El Molar, Porrera and Torroja
Location: Priorat
Storytelling: Perpetual is a wine born of earth and time. Made from 80 to 100-year-old Garnacha and Cariñena vines that grow in steeply-sloped llicorella slate soils, which constitute the essence of this deeply concentrated and personality-driven wine. The grapes are sourced from small vineyard lots in several Priorat municipalities that are owned by local winegrowers and undergo rigorous controls to ensure fruit of the highest quality. Perpetual is a tribute to the cellar-worthy wines of Priorat: intense, character-driven and born to defeat time.

Year of planting: 80–100 years ago.
Elevation: 250–500 m
Slope: 20–30%
Row orientation: NE- SE
Yields: 750–1,000 kg/ha, given that these are old vines.
Soil: Shallow soils developed over Carboniferous slate (Paleozoic) that drain swiftly and have a low water holding capacity. Arranged along steep slopes, these soils are responsible for the typicity of Priorat wines.

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