Location: The vineyards of Sancerrois, 200 kilometers south of Paris, are very mountainous (elevations of 200 to 400 meters). The Pascal Jolivet vineyards comprise 30 hectares in the Sancerre appellation of origin, distributed between the towns of Bué, Verdigny and Sainte Gemme. The Loire to the east and the hills surrounding the vineyards create a relatively mild microclimate.
Grape varieties: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Soils: Les Caillottes: very calcareous soils located in Bué-en-Sancerre, representing 50% of the blend. Les Terres Blanches: the highest hills to the west with calcareous clay soils, representing 30% of the blend. Silex: very rocky siliceous soils to the east, representing 20% of the blend.

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Vinification: The winery’s philosophy is to let nature do as much as possible. The musts ferment with indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled vats. Vinifying the wines from the three different vineyards separately brings their differences and complementarity to full expression.
Tasting note: Defined by a rich, elegant and delicate style, the wine is potent and perfectly harmonious.
Serving suggestion: The strength, expressivity and minerality of this Sancerre brings out the best in Loire River fish, crustaceans, and goat cheese.

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